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painted glass revisited: candy dish

c_Green Dish 2

Remember those wavy glass dishes I picked up at the Goodwill a few weeks ago? I’m loving the deep turquoise jewelry dish I created with one of them, so I decided to use the same paint-from-the-inside method on a second dish, this time for our vacation rental. We’d found the PERFECT welcome amenity for our guests, and I needed something to house it.

Using the same technique as last time, I taped off the edges of the dish and spray painted the inside. Since we have some lime and apple green accents in the living area of the Hideaway, I chose Rustoleum Green Apple for this project. After it dried, I brushed on a coat of gloss Polycrylic.

And that perfect welcome amenity I mentioned? Macadamia nut Hershey Kisses. SO GOOD! And so Hawaiian. We’ve gotten addicted to them and thought they’d be a sweet treat for our travel-weary vacationers. (And yes, we plan to ask about nut allergies in advance.)

Check out the little “Aloha” flag on each kiss! The mac nut Kisses are exclusive to Hawaii, and we’ve found them at Target and Costco.

So cute, right? And I love the way the aqua wrappers look against our sweet little apple green dish. I’ve got one more dish left from the stash I picked up at Goodwill, and I’m still debating what color it’ll be. I’ve been having a mini love affair with Rustoleum Summer Squash, so that’s a strong candidate…but who knows what mood I’ll be in when it comes time to paint it (cue John crossing his fingers that I don’t decide on hot pink!).

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